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Publii is aweseome, thank you to the devs!

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    Publii is wonderful, and I made a wonderful little blog network about open-source, including improvised l18n support.

    Since I made Publii a resident category, there will be regular articles about it.

    Made with the latest Technews theme, slightly modified.


    This is awesome!! I would like to know: How did you manage to make it multilingual? Are you hoping to have the language switcher change the language of the menu as well?


    I just added the flags emojis via copy-paste to menues, tags and authors. It’s an easy solution, but yes, you need a static placeholder (e.g. lingua).

    I also played with a two-fold variante, that is a) mainlanguage in menue, b) seconde language in submenue.

    But then you got ENGLISCH in the menue while displaying FRENCH, so it would not be a status indicator but more of a target indicator.


    I just discovered Publii and I cannot be happier! I’m starting to migrate my site  and use the N-tech theme

    Love it!


    Yes, I agree with OP. Publii is really well put together. May I say Publii might become something big in year or two.


    Agreed that Publii is outstanding. Also have to add they’ve been very responsive and helpful with support. Kudos to the developers for this excellent tool and for their professional support, and looking forward to what they do in the coming months and years!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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