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Publii keeps forgetting Login settings for Netlify

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    lately I’m having trouble with the Netlify Settings. Publii keeps forgetting them. After saving and using the login data for a few times they are suddenly switched to:

    publii-netlify-id name-of-the-site


    publii-netlify-token token of the site.

    It’s a bit annoying to save them over and over. It’s the same on different websites (all on Netlify). I’m on Publii Version 0.37.1 (0.37.1) on macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7

    Thanks and keep the good work up!

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    Did you get Publii permissions to access keychain? Because Publii stores only references to keychain items in settings to avoid storing passwords in the site JSON files.

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    Yes, I give permission. I’m always asked twice. I confirm it twice. Than it seems to loose the permission, becauce I’m asked again and I have to give it again (twice). After that, stored passwords are gone. I’m not sure, but it could be related to dublicated sites. I see it espacially on two sites where the one was cloned from the other (via the Publii function).


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    Did you click “Always allow” or just “allow” on the keychain access popup?

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    “Always allow”.

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    I have an idea what can be a reason of your problems:

    1) Could you open then input/site.config.json on the duplicated websites and check if the field “uuid” has any value?

    2) If yes, please check what is stored in fragment like:

    “netlify”: {
    “id”: “publii-netlify-id uuid-1602939660861-562217932”,
    “token”: “publii-netlify-token uuid-1602939660861-562217932”

    If these fields does not contain the “uuid-XXXXXXXXXX-YYYYYYYYY” string, then please make it empty in this file and save the file, then reopen Publii.

    3) Please try to resave the Netlify Settings

    4) Please open the site.config.json file again and please check if now the netlify-related fields contains the “uuid-XXXXXXXXXX-YYYYYYYYY” string. If yes – please check if problem still perists.

    If my idea is correct, I will need to change few things during duplicating websites in v.0.38

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    I am having the same issues where I have to re-enter the Netlify ID and Token at least a couple times per day.

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    Sorry it seems that I missed a notifications about this topic – it looks like to be some random issue while storing/restoring netlify access data.

    I will try to find a reason and fix it in the next Publii release.

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    I have found a reason of the problem – it will be fixed in Publii v.0.37.3 coming next week 🙂


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    @Tomasz, thanks for sharing the update! Really glad I discovered Publii btw….awesome platform.