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Publii Mobile App?

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    FIRST.. I must say.. I’m LOVEIN’ me some Publii! I use to be a WordPress site developer some years back and left the industry to work in a different one. But I’m getting back into the digital marketing industry and have been exploring alternative site development platforms. Now that I’ve officially built a blog using Publii (in literally minutes) I can’t share enough praise of how easy and flexible it is. It’s an amazing alternative to WordPress. I look forward to learning more about all that’s possible with it.

    Now to my question…

    Are there any plans to create an Android app of Publii? I know it’s possible to manage a site on multiple computers, so if we had a mobile app version of Publii we’d be able to connect it to DropBox (or other cloud storage?) and bang out blog posts on the road. That.. would.. be.. AWESOME!

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    How many of you would be willing to pay the developer of Publii for a mobile version (Android & iOS) that allowed us to create posts and sync (publish) them from our mobile devices? I personally would, so long as it’s reasonably priced.  I pay less than $2 a month for things like extra Google cloud storage, Malwarebytes, etc. I’d gladly do the same for a mobile version of Publii.

    Maybe the developer can take a poll of all users on this question? It might be a great way to earn a bit, rather than relying on donations.

    Look forward to feedback on this!



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    It’s a great idea, Steve!

    We can use this guide to find a developer on reasonable cost. I would pay for it too.

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    Great idea!

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    This is a really good point, it would be a great upgrade!