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Publii on a Tor Onion Site?

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    I’ve successfully got Publii working on a Tor Onion site. On the App side of it, I believe I have most of the settings I can get away with as to being private.

    When I view the page source and search Publii I see:

    <meta name=”generator” content=”Publii Open-Source CMS for Static Site”>

    <script>window.publiiThemeMenuConfig = {

    See the references to Publii?

    How can I, ya’ll get rid of them?

    Is there anything else that might give it away that a person is using Publii in viewing the page source?

    Can Publii have a Private Tor Mode for Onion Sites.

    Thinking it would be useful for Journalists.

    This also could be a Feature Request?

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    To be honest – what is the sense of removing these informations? Publii is not an online CMS so revealing such informations does not reveal any vulnerabilities (according to e.g. WordPress version). Also if somebody knows Publii, he still will be able to say “It’s built with Publii”, as every theme has some unique code structure. So if you are a real privacy fan – use notepad for your websites – I am serious 🙂 If somebody will really want to detect with which tool your website is built with, he will be able to find your tool.

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    Because I’d like to remove it. How do I do it? I’m sure they could, but having bots look for the word Publii is too obvious and easy. I was looking through the main theme files, but didn’t find the info that produced it. Does it produce the info through the app its self?

    I still remove WordPress version info from my WordPress sites and have way less attempts because of it.

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    You have to edit the theme and remove:

    At this moment it is used only for this metatag, but in the future it can be used by plugins, so you will need probably to apply some filters on the content of this tag, but it will be problem in few versions of Publii 😉

    Regarding the scripts – sorry, you have to edit them manually. We are using it due unique namespace and we have no plans to change it.