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Publii site does’nt show well on Chrome and Edge but very fine on firefox.

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    I have generated my site and all seems well on firefox, my browser of choice. but unfortunatly the site does not show well on Chrome, neither on Edge (tests have been done on several different machines). It seems the CSS doesn’t work, images’ link are broken, sometimes some image are shown, for no reason that i can understand. I really don’t know what is happeming and I have no clue where and what to start to look for.

    After some research i found that it might be coming from encoding error, but I can’t find what to change. I have tried to change the theme. no effect at all.

    Does anyone have any idea about what is happening? Why chrome does not show the site properly ?

    Here is the adress of the site, if you want to check…

    thank you very much for any help.

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    Your site is https while all the resources on it are http. Most browsers will block unsecured resources on secure pages. Try going to Server and making sure your site uses https:// prefix there.

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    I have done that and it is working fine now.  It was very simple and yet I realy could have spend some time on it.

    Thank you very much !