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Publii v.0.36.1 can’t handle tag for javascript and ld+json

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    I installed the new Publii v.0.36.1 (build 13320) beta. After editing my document, that had ld+json and javascript tags, it is not rendered anymore.

    I had to remove the tags and edit the html file on my server to add the tags again.

    Best, Claas

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    Tomasz Dziuda


    TinyMCE is removing script tags by default. You can consider changing TinyMCE settings. I suppose that it is a similar problem:

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    thanks for your answer.

    I added to tinymce.override.json
    "extended_valid_elements": "*[*]"

    But thats does not solve the problem for me.

    I also noticed that the CDATA part was added by Publii. It would be correct without the CDATA part.


    Disabeling script at all worked for me by adding:

      valid_elements : "script"


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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