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Publii won’t load the second website after a restore

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    After an issue on my Mac, I had to restore the folders containing my two websites from backup (not from the Publii provided backup, from another backup solution).

    Now, when I open Publii, instead of presenting me with the last opened website and allowing me to switch between the two sites with the droplist, it asks me to create a new site.

    When I click on Cancel, it opens one of the two sites, but the second one is gone. Yet, both websites are in their usual subfolders.

    Is there a way to tell Publii to reload the second site from its folder?

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    If the website does not appear on the list it means that it is not recognized by Publii as a proper website folder. Please check if your second website contains a similar files (especially the ones in the input/config/ subfolder) as the first website. I suppose that some files are missing.

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    Indeed, I ended up pulling back an older backup and it worked.