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Question about marketplace license

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    I’d happily spend some bucks to support your development, by buying a theme (or even your bundle). But the licenses puzzle me a bit:

    1. If I buy, use (and most likely modify) a theme, am I required to go with GPL license? (Just to be sure: I have no intent to sell such a modification – rather contribute to the theme, if desired)
    2. If I buy a theme (or all), I will receive 6 months of updates for it? So, if nothing happens during the 6 months, this is a ‘one shot’ buy?
    3. What, if a bug-fix comes after 6 months?
    4. If I buy a theme or two and then decide to go for the ‘all themes bundle’? Are the previouly bought themes’ prices deducted from the bundle’s price?




    Answering your questions:

    1. All needed info about the license for premium themes can be found in the eighth paragraph of Terms & Condition
      In short, you can use it for your own purpose or for your client. However, it is forbidden to resell or make available for download any materials purchased on our marketplace.
    2. You have access to the files/updates per six months, after this time you can renew file access if you still want to receive new updates.
    3. I think I answered this question in the second point.
    4. A single theme and all bundle packs are separate products and do not connect with each other in any way.

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    Ah yes – thanks! I somehow missed that…

    Thanks for the clarification!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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