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Questions about Cortado theme (pre-purchase)

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    I’m new to Publii, but I already like it a lot! Coming from WordPress, I’m familiar with many ways to customize a theme and drag and drop content. There may be a couple of things I have to get used to with Publii. Bear with me, I’ll get there in the end 😉

    I consider using the Cortado theme for my website. I don’t have a restaurant, but the look and feel of the theme is what I’m after. However, before I purchase, I have some questions:

    1. The home page has different sections. Can their order be readjusted?
    2. Can sections be duplicated? I could see a use of two ‘bottom news’, ‘testimonials’ or ‘center welcome’ sections, both populated with different text, content or tagged posts.
    3. How are the sections actually populated? Are this standard posts, displayed in different ways?
    4. The dishes section on the home page looks great for an ‘our services’ section. Can the layout be changed? In the demo it’s 2×2, but 1×4 or 2×3 would be nice to have.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I’m not sure that drag and drop features like wp bakery, element or or divi exist in Publii. But I don’t use those “premium templates”.

    If you read carefully the description of the theme you’ll see :

    In this theme you’ll find three different post templates to suit multiple needs; two standard post layouts, and a special split-screen layout for when the image is just as important as the text.

    So I don’t think you can customize the theme in 1×4 or 2×3 without modifying the css by yourself. But Publii allows you to insert custom CSS. So, if you want I think that you can easily modify the default 2×1 layout to something else. But with CSS, not ic the theme settings.

    Again, I’m not a premium template specialist.

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    I know about the post templates, but I’m actually talking about the homepage / frontpage.

    Would love to hear from someone…

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    Hi Bartatwork,

    Answering your questions:

    1. You can change the section order by editing the index.hbs file, there is no GUI options for that.
    2. Same answer as above…
    3. The hero section can be static, generated by featured posts or by posts via a selected tag.
      The section below the hero is static content.
      Our Favourites – can be static or generated by posts via a selected tag.
      The “Dishes” section is generated by posts via a selected tag.
      Testimonials are static content.
      The section above the footer is generated by post via a selected tag.
    4. You can set 2,3 or 4 columns and the number of items.
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    That’s exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks Bob 😀