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Questions about setting up hosting + domain

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    Avatar photocmacsound

    Hello Pubii community! I just purchased the Persona premium theme and have been working on building my site.

    I followed the tutorial closely for setting up an S3 server. The connection tested well, but at first the deployment didn’t work: Publii logs said that that ACLs needed to be enabled. So I changed the S3 Object Ownership settings to “ACLs enabled” and then Publii confirmed the site synced properly. Is that something that should be added to the documentation?

    However, when trying to visit my site via the S3 endpoint to see it ‘live’, it very slowly tries to load, ultimately hangs/fails. I assume the HTTPS needs to be setup first.

    Do I need to setup CloudFront as well?

    I’ve been doing some more research on this and found this tutorial to setup S3 with SSL, CloudFront and a custom domain—is this what I need to follow in order to make my site live via S3? It seems quite complicated but I’m willing to give it a shot, but before I do, does anyone recommend any other easier option for setting up hosting with a custom domain? (I already have my domain name, and would like to keep my current domain manager)

    Thanks so much for the help,



    Avatar photoseb_oi

    Hi! If you are looking for the simplest, Netlify is your best option, in literally 3 minutes you have everything ready, hosting+custom domain, you just have to change the dns in your domain provider.

    If you want to try Cloudflare instead of 3 minutes it will take you 10 minutes but it’s not too complicated.

    Tell us your progress so we can help you, I can give you an opinion about Amazon Hosting but if I’m not mistaken it will be more expensive than any of the other options, if you are not looking for a large scale site I would try Netlify.

    Avatar photocmacsound

    Thank you! I’m definitely looking for the simple option.

    Is there any particular advantage of Cloudflare vs Netlify?



    Avatar photoseb_oi

    Thank you! I’m definitely looking for the simple option.

    Is there any particular advantage of Cloudflare vs Netlify?


    I do not yet know first hand the possible limitations of Cloudflare, on paper there are none.

    – It has a totally free plan
    – No need to put in your credit card
    – It has many plugins integrated
    – You can make professional forms, with anti-spam filter (Up to 100 per month for free).

    – No protection against DDOS attack (tested).
    – The biggest limitation is that it has a bandwidth limited to 100GB (with a well optimized page can allow you 10,000 unique visits per month).
    – The bandwidth will be triggered by a DDOS attack and if you have a paid account you can get a good scare.

    -Unlimited bandwidth in the free plan.
    – DDOS protection
    – Same pros as Netlify

    – Takes a little longer to set up the first time.
    – You have to create a github repository beforehand.
    – I have to check if there is any problem of duplicates by having 2 additional “copies” of the web and if it has forms as Netlify.

    As I say Netlify is perfect but until they have DDOS protection or fix this problem I’m a little scared about it. If you are going to do something personal Netlify will be perfect I have more than 5 pages right now working with it and everything great. If you opt for something more professional I would go to Cloudflare, but I tell you that I have pages in both and they go great. The DDOS attack I threw it to myself to check it out, not that I have suffered it but it is a possibility.

    What would I do in your position? If the project is large scale, Cloudflare for DDOS protection, otherwise I think Netlify will be enough for you.

    Think that you can always change it at any time if you have any problem, so if you do not want complications the free Neltlify plan is probably more than enough for you.

    Avatar photocmacsound

    the free Neltlify plan is probably more than enough for you.

    Thank you so much for this detailed answer! I believe Netlify will suffice for the immediate future.

    Really appreciate your help breaking down these options.


    Avatar photocmacsound

    Hi again @seb_oi, one more question for you:

    I’ve set up a test site on Netlify and was super easy, as you said! Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!

    Domain configured too, but just one glitch: my domain points to the homepage, but the posts themselves have the Netlify URLs, for instance:

    instead of:

    Q: How do I change this?

    Thank you for tolerating such a newbie such as myself,



    Avatar photocmacsound

    Spoke too soon! DNS has caught up with itself.

    Thank you again


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