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Recommendations for podcast

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    Can anyone offer tips or recommendations for a publii site for a podcast?  I would like to embed an audio player that will update automatically when I change the rss feed. I would also like to host the rss feed on the website (rather than with the podcast host who will have the audio files).

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    For suggestions on hosting a podcast RSS on Publii, see: (I believe this was my answer to your previous forum question 🙂)

    In terms of audio players: Shikwasa is a pretty solid looking audio player for podcasts:

    Downside: It won’t be able to create a live, up-to-date playlist of all your episodes (at least not yet).

    For an embedded playlist with all episodes: the only other way I could think of would be to embed iframes for websites that fetch external feeds or host podcasts. Based on this list, it looks like Castbox might be a good option for an embeddable player that updates based on the feed.

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    Well, I was planning on using Zapier to create a zap that would be triggered every time i upload new files to the podcast host.  That way the feed on the publii site will be updated automatically.  Not sure if it will work, but we’ll see.

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