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Recommendations for Publii use on Linux

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    Avatar photoJackFlash

    I’m using Publii on Ubuntu and wondering if the best way to install and use it is through the command line or just by using the standalone appimage.  Does anyone have experience enough to give me some direction?  What are the differences if any? Thanks.

    Avatar photoaethralis

    I have used Appimage all the time and have had no problems so far. Also on Ubuntu (22.04).

    Avatar photoJackFlash

    yeah that’s what i decided to do too.  Thanks.

    Avatar photoJOduMonT

    Never used the App Image, it’s was against my religion 🙂

    Without the App Image you might encounter few issues depending on your DE (Desktop Environment).

    The less annoying one but I never figured it, was issue with the icon of the app in KDE and LXQT, but it was fine with Gnome.

    The most annoying was again in KDE and LXQT was issue with the key chain which was not storing password of the Publii. In the mainwhile the team and I figured it and they flagged Gnome Keychain as a dependancy.

    Otherwise, it was running pretty smoothly like it is on Mac and Windows.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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