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Rename your site in Basic Settings

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    I thought I would rename my site, now that it is coming along.  I tried editing the name in the Basic Settings as the interface seems to suggest you can do.  If I save and preview I get a message telling me my site does not exist.  Sometimes I get a Javascript error (see attachments).

    I am able to change the name of my site by cloning the site and giving it the name I want it to have.

    Anyone else have this issue?  I am using Version: 0.41.1 (build 15919).

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    I’ve never come across that problem when using any of the Publii themes. Which Publii theme is your ‘Rational’ theme based on?

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    It is a copy of Simple.  The only change I have made so far is renaming the theme in config.json and renaming the language file to match the theme name.

    I will test on a different computer.  Could just be a glitch on this machine.

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    I’ve seen the same issue. Restart Publii to resolve. I’m guessing that it renames the site name in the site folder and doesn’t re-initialize everything.

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    Sorry for the delay in getting back. As @MichaelThwaite suggests, yes, certainly do restart Publii. I automatically do that whenever changing theme, doing theme updates, etc., so maybe that’s why I’ve not come across the issue previously. Fingers crossed.

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    I had this kind of issue when I was using Google Drive or even Nextcloud for. /sites/*

    In my case I resolved that by moving the preview directory outside of my Google Drive.

    For your case I would try to copy/duplicate my site with the new name instead of renaming it.