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Rendering failed in index.hbs “partial head could not be found”

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    Simple theme-user, with the addition of custom css to give the cookies-badge another color.

    Everything worked fine (including publishing to GitLab Pages).

    Then I “accidently” hit the “reset theme settings”-button. Chose to restore a backup I made about 5 minutes earlier. Seemed to do the job, except for the custom css not being restored. (quite sure it was there when I did the backup)

    Now I get this error each time I want to preview the site

    Rendering process failed
    An error (1002) occurred during parsing index.hbs file.
    The partial head could not be found

    Not sure how to proceed now. Desktop-app (on macOs) and theme are at the latest version


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    Found out theme-files are divided between a “simple”- and a “simple 2”-folder. Is that OK?

    Will try by putting all files in the simple-folder and see what happens

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    Hmm… moving the “partials” folder from below “Simple 2” to “Simple” fixed the rendering error, as I had more or less expected.

    Not sure how the partials-folder got misplaced in the first place.. oh well.