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Rendering Never Finishes

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    Upgraded to Publii 0.38.3 and now none of my sites will render. Even a new test site won’t render.

    Selecting preview changes opens the rendering dialog and then nothing else happens.  I can see Publii drive my CPU usage up in Windows Task Manager, but it never finishes and there is nothing in the logs. The progress bar never moves.  None of my 3 sites are at all large, and the test site has a single post.

    I don’t even know where to start.

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    Please check if you have anything under Tools -> Log viewer -> rendering-*.log files

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    Hi Tomasz, there is nothing in the logs. It’s like the rendering never starts.

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    Ok. Uninstalled, deleted directories in /user, though there are clearly still some settings being saved somewhere.

    With what should be a clean install, and a new site, when trying to render a test post I get:

    Rendering process failed
    An error occurred during rendering process:
    EPERM: operation not permitted, rmdir 'C:\Users\username\Documents\Publii\sites\test3\preview\media\authors'

    The rendering error log is empty.

    Is that helpful?   I’m happy to walk you through it in more detail.

    Otherwise, I think I just need to abandon this platform.

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    @kensquires – I appreciate the interest, thank you.   I’m happy to do that, as I get the same issue with a clean install and a brand new test site with a single test post. But that also makes me think that it’s not particular to the site or those files, but some weird windows incompatibility or permissions issue.

    I’ve tried running Publii as admin (right click, run as admin), and that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

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    I’m having this issue with a clean install, new site, and single test post on the default theme.

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    @imeanhonestly – this issue still appears after Publii restart? I mean:

    • create website
    • restart Publii
    • try to render the previously created website

    I suppose that you run into quite random bug which I have seen sometimes on my mac OS, but it is really hard to debug as it occurs quite randomly for me and when I do not expect it so it is heavy to restore the way which leads to this error.

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    Yep.  I can restart and get the same issue.

    I can uninstall. Delete all the directories. Reinstall. Create a new test site and still have the same issue.  Which is to say, I cannot get the latest Publii to work on my Win10 desktop. I’m confident it’s not a theme issue, or particular to my content as it happens with a clean install on a new site.

    I’m currently getting around this by installing Publii on a Mac, and using an older backup.  When I have a few mins I’ll create a new backup from that, and try and migrate that to the PC. See if that works.

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    And do you always get the same EPERM error for the authors directory?

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    I get that error on the first preview on a new site after a clean install, but then never again.

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    So the problem with rendering is solved now or there is other issue?

    Regarding the error occurrence for the newly created websites – I will need to check this problem again, maybe I will be able to reproduce it and find a reason of the error message/

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    Sorry, to be clear, I get the eperm error on first preview of a clean install on a new site, and then I never see the error again. After that first run where that error pops up, every subsequent rendering never works, and there is no error.

    I can replicate this reliably. Happy to show you via zoom.   Have partially solved the issue by installing Publii on a different computer,  but would prefer to run it on my main machine.

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    Could you try to remove contents of the site output directory (I mean output catalog in your problematic website directory)? It should be something like publii/sites/SITE_NAME/output/ – clear content of this catalog.

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    I afraid that it is connected with a way how Google Drive files are visible for apps :/ If I correctly remember sometimes files are visible but not already downloaded what leads to an unexpected behaviour 🙁

    The only thing which I can advise at this moment is try to use local storage for website files.

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    I also ran into that error

    My Documents is sync with Google Drive

    Everything works well until I change the Language (in my case to French)

    then ask to Save & Preview

    it’s systematic in my case

    and yes it’s always about the preview\media\authors

    and even if I delete output and preview and put back my language to English UK the issue remains.