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Request: Post Custom Order field

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    Currently the ways to control sorting of posts are (from Docs):

    <b>Posts Order By</b> – Set how the posts on the frontpage are ordered; choose from <b>Post Creation Date</b>, <b>Post Title</b>, <b>Post Modification Date</b>, or <b>Post ID</b>.

    Would it be possble to add a field called Post Custom Order to each entry and allow that to be a Post Order By sort option?

    Post Custom Order could work like the Post Title field – it is entered separately on posts, with an option to hide/show it on each post. That would allow a site to be organized around a sorting scheme managed through the Post Custom Order field, but not displayed to viewers. It would help Publii be used for docment collections or other kinds of uses where the creation date or title or assigned post ID aren’t the desired order for the viewer.

    Of course Title can currently be used to accomplish this and the title hidden, but then posts don’t have a Title field…

    Thanks for considering this request.

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    It sounds like a good idea – I will see what we can do to implement such feature in one of the next releases 🙂

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    Thanks. Following up after several months, the project I’m doing could use something like a hidden “sort field” to control the order of posts. It would help if the Next / Prev buttons could use that sort order. In the meantime, the ‘title’ field is temporary solution:

    I’m using the title field as a sortable field by putting dates in it. This is a collection of WWI letters, so the dates look like 1917.05.30 and sort properly.

    But I cannot get the “next /prev” buttons to appear unless I sort by ID number and use the “Related Posts Ordering: By ID descending / ascending,” but then the next/prev links don’t match the date sorting.

    Is something like the attached image too complicated a solution?Screen-Shot-2020-10-22-at-9.12.47-PM

    Thank you again for a wonderful tool. We’re moving several sites that were using overly complex CMS software to it, and this option would simplify the project considerably.

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    Hi Tomasz,

    Are there still plans to implement the “Post Custom Order” feature as proposed by @dringrose?

    My use-case is such that posts displayed on the frontpage needs to be in a preferred order. The method I currently use is by manually updating the posts in the sequence required and set “Posts Order By” to “Post Modification Date”. But this is cumbersome when the list of posts gets a bit long.  Should a post in middle of the list gets edited (either on purpose or by mistake), the process to manually update all posts one-by-one has to be repeated.

    Alternatively, if the order of the posts can be manipulated by “drag-and-drop” method, it would be wonderful! 🙂


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    Most probably such features will be implemented by plugins as we want to reduce amount of UI in the Publii core and move new more advanced features to plugins. I have such plugin on my list to allow more complex ordering of the posts.

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    Thanks for this great news. I’m looking forward to such a plugin.

    For now our solution is to use the title field as a date field and then to use tags to group posts. Here’s an early version of the project for those who are curious:

    So far this works pretty well. I’d prefer to use the titles as titles for each post, but it works for now, which is the important thing.