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Runkod server cdn free

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    good morning
    I wanted to know if among the hosting services you know Runkod that I found by searching the internet for free and cdn
    Setting up should be simpler if I’m not mistaken but I’m not very experienced
    It is not a sponsorship just to know if you know and if it can be valid since it is free


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    +1 Carlos!

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    It is based on Blockstock, but lacks several features.

    netlify is much better. I am using it for my site

    Also, please look at this

    I am using this for one of my projects.

    I have asked Fast guys, why should their services ( Free Tier), and here are their response:

    • <span class=”css-901oao css-16my406 r-1qd0xha r-ad9z0x r-bcqeeo r-qvutc0″>Simplicity: GitHub + Cloud Storage integration allows an extremely simple workflow. This enables us to handle files up to 1GB each, unlike Netlify which maxes out at 10MB unless you add Large Media support which modifies your Git repo.</span>
    • <span class=”css-901oao css-16my406 r-1qd0xha r-ad9z0x r-bcqeeo r-qvutc0″>Enterprise CDN included with Free: We work with CloudFlare and Akamai to provide their full Enterprise capabilities to all users, including Free. Netlify only provides a real CDN to their Enterprise customers – they call it “Enterprise CDN”.</span>
    • <span class=”css-901oao css-16my406 r-1qd0xha r-ad9z0x r-bcqeeo r-qvutc0″>Analytics: We integrate directly with Google Analytics directly from the CDN – complete analytics data on even direct file downloads – no javascript required. Unlike Netlify who only gives their own analysis tools, with us you can leverage Google’s interfaces and tools.</span>

    Try it once if you are not comfortable with Netlify.

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    Thanks for the link to , Ajeet. Certainly looks appealing!

    I’m drawn to the Blockstack world, as I like the philosophy. (decentralization, etc)

    I have hardly any experience with BlockStack, just tested some apps a bit and found they sometimes were a bit slow and unstable.

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    Yes Bert, the decentralized hosting solutions (quite a few) doesn’t provide all the features that netlify,zeit, render,or fast currently provide.

    But yes, in future I am sure it will improve.

    And then there ie IFPS hosting which is currently listed in Publii roadmap. This year will be exciting 🙂