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Search input label is missing

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hi there,

    It’s no biggies but it should be fixed on all themes. Search Input element does not have associated labels.

    Read on:

    Avatar photoBob

    Hi Yoav,

    In cases where the label breaks styles or when we use only search icon, instead of a label, we can add the aria-label to the search input and if I remember well almost in all themes I used this attribute.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Yeah, I think the aria-label should improve the overall score. The Documentation theme doesn’t have it.

    Avatar photoBob

    It has, and the lighthouse does not show any issue with that.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Weird, I cannot see it the latest version ( for some reasons, even after looking in the .hbs files to be certain.

    Avatar photoBob

    What search engine do you use, Google or DocSearch?

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Google’s Custom Search. I do see the tag it for Algolia indeed.

    Edit: I’ve also found another, bigger, problem:

    Avatar photoBob

    Yeap, I forgot to add the aria-label to the Google search input, will do it the next theme release.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Yeah, no worries. Thanks 🙂

    Can we have also a look at:

    Avatar photoBob
    [anonymous] wrote:

    Can we have also a look at:

    Yes, but the fix must be applied to the app, so I wouldn’t expect it too soon.