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SEO and Custom Fields

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    I want to know that are default Publii settings enough for good ranking on Google and other search engines? I am also new to all this SEO and blogging stuff so I don’t know how much time google takes to index a site. My site and it’s pages are not being indexed on google (my site is new 20 days old) even after submitting sitemap. Is there any detailed guide or video about SEO on Publii?.

    My second question is, where to add custom fields in Author Pages? Like website info of every user. I have manually modified my theme and Sqlite tables to add Facebook, Twitter and Instagram links for authors but I want any permanent solution. I would be thank for any answer.

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    SEO-wise: make sure you are filling out the meta-description for each post, page titles, image file name, and image alt-text with your keywords, and that your site has content with your relevant keywords. Make use of lots of internal links with <span class=”strong”>keyword-rich anchor text, and backlinks from other websites</span>. You can use something like to find good keywords. If it’s a business page, use Google My Business. Make sure you’ve optimized the speed as well. You can use things like Source:

    For custom fields: rather than edit the sqlite tables, I would recommend creating a theme override, and modifying the author page template. In author.hbs, add an extra pair of curly brackets {} around {{description}} so that it becomes {{{description}}}. This will allow you to add HTML tags to the description text box and have them be rendered. It’s not a perfect solution, but I hope it helps.

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    Thanks for your reply, I will look forward to it soon.