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SFTP connection error (Password not stored/used) – workaround

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    The following workaround works for me:

    1. Close application publii
    2. Edit’documents/Publii/sites/yoursitename/input/config/site.config.json’:

      “deployment”: {
      “protocol”: “sftp”,
      “relativeUrls”: false,

      “password”: “publii and-here-is-your-sitename”, <— replace this in: “password”: “your-sftp-password”,
      “askforpassword”: false,

    3. Save ‘documents/Publii/sites/yoursitename/input/config/site.config.json’
    4. Start application Publii
    5. Close application Publii without any changes
    6. Start application Publii again and sync with your website.

    Hope that helps somebody.


    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Saving a password in the site.config.json file is a very bad idea – that’s why we store only publi-SITE_NAME value which is used to bind a password with keychain / OS password storage.

    If you lost your password in some way – please just provide the password again in the Publii UI.