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SFTP issues with stripping CSS

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    i use nearly free speech as the website host but whenever i sync my website via SFTP i basically see the CSS get stripped for some reason while the text remains

    while if i do manuel deploy via the same exact web host same settings  it does not strip the CSS at all

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    Are you sure that you have properly configured domain for your website? Lack of CSS mainly occurs when server configuration refers to wrong domain path what causes issues with loading CSS assets. If you will provide your website URL with the issue I will be able to confirm this issue.

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    this is my results the website using sftp

    this is my results using Manuel deploy

    these are temporary experimental websites not anything important im just doing a test run to make sure everything is done properly before setting up an actual website with real content

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    that’s weird – could you check if /assets/css directory exists in your server? And if exists – it is empty? Maybe there is some issue when creating directories?