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SFTP passphrase amnesia [solved]

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    This is a problem I found recently that was resolved simply – which might help others.


    macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7.

    Publii v.0.37.2 (build 13830) beta.

    Art Gallery theme, v1.3.0.0.

    Problem area: SFTP settings.

    The SFTP settings appeared to forget the ‘Passphrase for a key’, when you change the ‘Passphrase for a key’. First time, it would re-enter the old passphrase, then subsequently just enter ‘publii-passphrase [sitename]’.

    Of course, without the right passphrase, you can’t synchronise your local site to your live site.

    My solution was embarrassing simple: close down then restart the Mac. When I restarted Publii, the problem was no longer present.

    So doesn’t look like a Publii problem.