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SFTP | Please check file permissions on your server

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    Hello, I set up SFTP, but when testing the connection I get the following error asking me to check file permissions on your server:

    These is the settings for SFTP. Am I doing something wrong?


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    Publii during connection tries to store and remove test file – the mentioned error appears when Publii is able to connect to your server but is unable to add/remove file from the provided location.

    So your problem is caused by:

    1. Invalid remote path – maybe it should be relative to location when you are landing after successful log in via ssh
    2. Typo in the remote path – so Publii tries to store files in the non-existing catalog
    3. Invalid ssh user permissions
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    Hello again. I am still unsuccessful in connecting my server.  I shared your suggestion with my hosting support and they suggested I try several variations of the remote path, and none worked. Then they suggested the following:

    “As the Publii support mentioned SSH user permissions, it might be needed to enable SSH access.
    This can be done via the “Manage Shell” cPanel menu: .”

    So I tried that and it’s still not working.

    Please help.


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    Do you can find anything useful under Tools -> Log viewer ?

    To be honest – I have no idea what is the reason of your problem – I suspect strange server configuration which is incompatible with Publii SSH library.

    Alternatively you can use manual deployment or FTPS protocol.

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    My hosting support tested it on their end and determined that in the Server field I had to remove the sftp:// from the server URL.

    I tested on my end and it’s now syncing!

    Thanks for your patience and I hope this post helps others who might face the same trouble.


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    Great news! 🙂