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Simple Theme, scroll-to-top button up arrow disappears

  • #10293
    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I’m using chrome 114 and the simple theme…during local development the scroll-to-top button that appears as the user moves down the page functions correctly. However, when I sync to my server that up arrow disappears entirely.

    Avatar photoBob

    The issue might be due to improper domain configuration in the server settings.
    Here are a few scenarios that could be causing this issue:

    1. Incorrect Domain Configuration: If your website is accessed through a custom domain (e.g.,, but in your server settings, you’ve used the working name of your GitHub or GitLab repository (e.g., or, the server might be looking for resources at the wrong domain. Please check and correct this.
    2. WWW Prefix Issue: If you’ve configured your server settings with the ‘www’ prefix (, but some users are accessing your site without the ‘WWW’ prefix (, this could cause problems loading certain elements like icons.
    3. HTTP and HTTPS Mismatch: Another issue could be related to the SSL certificate. If your site access is via ‘HTTPS,’ but the server settings have ‘HTTP’, or vice versa, the browser’s security settings could block certain elements from loading.
    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Okay, it’s working now. I think #2 was the solution in my case.