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Site location config in site, instead of app setting

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    It would be nice if the Site Location starts to be an site configuration instead of an App Setting.

    Imagine if you have some sites, each one for a different user/project, using Dropbox to store the site content it’s an great idea, but it means that every site as to be on the same Dropbox account.


    Another option would be to add an password for each site, and store it in MySQL database with some sort of encryption


    I would love to see this feature too.

    I have a client whom I help in the site maintenance. I setup a Dropbox share directory to be able to help if called for.
    Bu now my own stuff is in there too….

    And if I would add yet another customer, we must all share the same dropbox files and see each others sites and files….
    (I tried fiddling with symlinks, but got errors, too complicated)

    I’d love to see an option to see the locations settings (sites, backup, preview) on a per site basis.
    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Or grouped in ‘Projects’, and per project a set of sites.</span>

    On startup of the Publli app, one would have to select a project first.
    (Or this could be made optional, only get the project chooser /open dialog when holding the shift or option key, like in e.g. Photos app on Mac).



    Tomasz Dziuda


    I suppose that the easiest solution will be adding support for multiple site locations – I will consider to add it in v.0.37 🙂

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    You could consider using some external syncing programs to sync the shared folders with other, shared, folders, to which the customer has access.

    Making the site location configurable per website would be even better of course.



    Does anyone know if there’s been any movement on this? I can’t see any site-specific folder options.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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