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Sitemap not being accepted by google search console

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    I’m having the exact same issue as this person  I was going to reply to that post and not create a new one, but it was closed.  Any advice?

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    Update: I downloaded the sitemap, and re-uploaded in the file manager in Publii as sitemap1.xml.  I submitted that to the google search console and it accepted it however it still won’t accept the automatically generated one.


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    To-date, and all through the numberous Publii updates and upgrades, I’ve not had any problems with Publii sitemap.xml files (I use a now older Apple Mac). Perhaps provide some more details. Are you using the latest version of Publii? Are you using Microsoft Windows? Is your web host Netlify? Etc. Why: some third-party providers may need further configuration compared to others.

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    I’m on the latest version of Publii (Version 0.42.1), macOS, and Netlify.  I just found it odd that it will accept the one I manually download and upload with a different name.

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    While I don’t use Netlify, and maybe a wild guess but another user some time back who also used Netlify seemed to have a similar problem they said below between the <snip> markers:


    I’m trying to get Google to index my site’s pages. To assist it, I submitted my sitemap.xml file. Google is saying that the file can be read, but the URLs are invalid.

    I have one theory as to what could be causing this, and that is the use of relative URLs. I’m only using them because I want my links to use my domain and not my Netlify subdomain. If I could figure out how to add the _redirects file to the root, that may fix my problem. I’m very new to this whole method of web design and management so I honestly have no idea :-|.

    [EDIT UPDATE] Adding the _redirects file to the folder titled “root-files” did the trick.


    So perhaps check into that.

    The Publii help page for Netlify setup is at:

    Maybe others who do use Netlify can help further if you can’t resolve your problem.

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    itips3727 – Thank you for your help, you got me started down the correct direction.  I added a file called “_sitemaps” and it was a text file containing the line:

    /sitemap* /sitemap.xml

    Deleted all the “couldn’t fetch” site maps from the search console, added sitemap with no .xml and it accepted it.

    This is beyond my understanding of things, but it worked.  It’s weird that if I try to add sitemap.xml it still fails, but if I use a url that hits the redirect it works.