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Some S3-compatible Object Storages not working

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    Hi there,

    I found some S3-compatible object storages are not working. It seems that Publii just can’t connect to them. I tried Linode, DigitalOcean Spaces and some European providers but all failed. Each time Publii returns the result of something like “certificate expired”.

    I noticed there are discussions in the forum last October, regrading to the issue with Electron (see here). Is there any fix now? or any quick fix before the next release rolled out. Many thanks!


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    If it is an issue with certificate, you must wait for v.0.39 which will be released in the next week. Temporary you can upload files by generating source files using “Manual deploy” instead of S3

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    Thanks Tomasz,

    So glad to hear the new release will be out soon! Cheers!