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SQLite3 can only bind numbers, strings, Buffers and null at

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    When clicking “Save & Close” or “Save”, this error occurs.

    It happens for 1 specific post, not all posts.

    Here is my website input folder. Please check the hidden post called “In Memoriam”:

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    Have you been able to reproduce the issue?

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    Are you making any progress here please? I noticed that this is affecting MOST of my posts and rendering Publii totally unusable. I’m going to have to revert to an older version.

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    I reverted to version 0.35.3 and now no longer experiencing issues. There must be something in the new version which is causing problems.

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    Hi Mathias,

    Your issue is as I suppose connected with fact that you have did some manual work in the database. In the post table for the “template” column you have null values  instead of empty strings. This leads to the problem.

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    Thanks Tomasz. This is a website I migrated and it could be that I initially loaded the posts using SQL, indeed. I will reinstall the newest version and see if I can fix it.

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    The problem is solved!