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status bar in WYSIWYG editor

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    the WYSIWYG editor is lacking a status bar (even the forum here has one) which a) makes selecting entire blocks of code very easy and b) indicates which HTML element the cursor is placed in should there be any doubt

    this can help a lot with keeping the HTML clean and error-free whilst avoiding the clutter added by the block editor

    for example, i use <aside> elements in posts and if i place the cursor after the text in such an element and enter a new line, that new line will be part of the <aside> element – this of course is expected, but not necessarily desired – perhaps i wanted to add a new <p> after <aside>, but the editor provides no indication of which tag the cursor is working in

    TinyMCE handles this perfectly and would display something like ‘aside > p’ in the status bar

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    +1 for this