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Sycning to GitHub generating error

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    Avatar photoandrejverity

    I was able to sync with GitHub just 4 days ago, but I am not getting the below error.

    This morning, it started with telling me that my authentication failed which really surprised me (as I had not changed anything). So I did a bunch of review and even re-issued my GitHub Access token to make sure if was done 100% to match the documentation.

    An error occurred while connecting to the server: E1 {“code”:404,”status”:”Not Found”,”message”:{\”message\”:”\Not Found\”,\”documentation_url\”:\”\”|”}

    I can see that does not exist (perhaps it should be ?).   But, I am not clear on why my Sync is failing because Publii cannot find a public URL on GitHub.

    Urgent advise would be greatly appreciated since I am trying to update our website to include a newly released publication.

    I am using Publii Version: 0.40.3 (build 15745)

    Avatar photoandrejverity

    I cannot seem to edit my initial response, so attaching screenshots as a Reply to the post.



    Avatar photoandrejverity

    Found another error when Testing the Connection. I cannot figure out what is happening as I have a second site (setup exactly the same) and it is working well.


    Below are my permissions in GitHub token


    Note: I am the organizer owner & have full control through my GitHub account.



    Avatar photoandrejverity

    I have also turned on the ‘Write packages’ option to see if that will make a difference. Nada 🙁


    Avatar photoandrejverity

    I went through all the steps again and found something strange. The ReadMe file was no longer in my Repo. It was there 4 days ago when I updated the site, but something happened to remove it (and it was not me doing it manually). It seems to coincide with me upgrading the Publii application!??!?!   I also had a separate problem after the upgrade:

    After generating the ReadMe, I went through all the steps again & the access and Sync worked as it had before.  I will close this thread, but it would be interesting to know if others have had problems with the app upgrades.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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