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Sync to a sub-directory in a Github repo

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    Is there a way to sync publii blog to a sub-directory in a Github repo?

    Say the git repo already has another website in the root folder, which I don’t want to override. I create a blog/ directory and set publii to sync with this “blog/” sub-directory only. is it possible?

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    I think that the only solution can be using something like submodules in GIT: and put the blog into separate github repository which will be used as a submodule in your main repository.

    I did not test such solution – it is just an idea to check 🙂

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    Thanks so much Tomasz! I am gonna test it today and report how it goes to help others! thanks for the suggestion!

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    Confirmed that submodule works.

    After publishing the site to the submodule repo, I just need to run

    github update submodule

    from the main repo to update the blog.

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    correction, the command should be

    git submodule update --remote
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    @onion I followed the information on this page:


    • Main site repo, let’s call it main repo
    • Publish blog to its own Repo,name it “blog”
    • Add repo “blog” as sub-module to the main repo
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    Thank you @wentin I tried but couldn’t get it live and running. Actually, I am familiar with Cloudflare but not with Git and its operations.

    I will try to work over the week and update my workings here.