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Syntax Highlighter with prims js

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hi Bob,

    I am trying to use Prism js in theme. I am following this docs:

    As suggested in the doc, I downloaded js and css files and put that in the respective folders.


    `        {{/checkIf}}`
    `      `
    `       {{{@headCustomCode}}}`
    `    `
    `    `
    `        {{{@bodyCustomCode}}}`

    and in footer.hbs

    `{{#if @renderer.previewMode}}`

    Could you please help me out here.



    Avatar photoBob

    Hi Ajjet,

    Just follow the instructions, everything is described in detail

    Your example does not contain the prism.js file, this one must be added to the footer section.  To have a popup with a list of coding languages you have to add them to the config.json file.

    The” dark layout” was created by me and is available and delivered only with the following themes: Documentation and ProDocs.

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    I did add the code in footer, pasted it wrongly.

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    I did not add the languages in the config file. I have added now

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    But the pop is still not there.

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    AM I missing something ????



    Avatar photoBob

    Use FORMATS select, not the Code.


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    Yes, I added the labels at the wrong place in config file. I had to add under  here :

    “customElements”: [ ]
    It works.
    Thanks so much