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Taste theme layout problem

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    Avatar photoleo


    I’m not quite sure if it’s an issue but it indeed exists on my website (with no custom CSS on site) and I can’t figure out why and how to fix it.

    When using the beautiful Taste theme, I thought the posts layout on tag page looks like this (masonry, 3 columns, 6 posts for example ):

    post6 post5 post4

    post3 post2 post1

    On Firefox, it looks a little bit unexpected but OK:

    post6 post4 post2

    post5 post3 post1

    However, on Chrome, it becomes very strange – it looks like this:

    post6 blank blank

    post5 blank blank

    post4 blank blank

    post3 blank blank

    post2 blank blank

    post1 blank blank

    Considering the popularity of Chrome, I can’t just ignore it. So I’m posting it here to see if there is any fix.

    Many thanks!

    Avatar photoBob

    Any URL?

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    Avatar photoleo

    Hi Bob,

    Many thanks for the quick reply. I was out of town so apology for my late reply.

    I reinstalled the theme and purged Cloudflare cache – voilĂ ! It’s get fine. I don’t understand why but anyway it’s good now.

    However, I still have the question why the layout is vertically arranged instead of horizontally. It’ll mke awkward layout sometimes if there are fewer posts under a certain tag. For example, if I only have four posts under a tag (very common case for a new site), the layout is like below (using masonry with 3 columns):

    post4 post2 blank

    post3 post1 blank

    instead of:

    post4 post3 post2

    post1 blank blank

    I think it could be a bit strange for visitors and they might think the website is (partially) broken.

    Avatar photoleo
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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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