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The Dark Mode has changed everything

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    The dark mode in Publii makes it really easy for me to dig my mind with laser focus into every sentence of what I am writing or to edit what I have already written, while drafting every post. The normal white mode, in comparison, makes it a strain on my mind with all that reflective brightness and thus impossible for my mind to zoom into the meaning of every sentence I am writing. I tend to skip so many things in the normal white mode, even typos.

    I can’t thank you guys enough for this awesome feature. You guys simply rock. Just wanted to share.

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    Thanks 🙂 Also we will add some small improvements in v.0.36.1 which will be available in the upcoming week, because we have found some small native UI glitches when Publii works in the mode different than the OS color mode 🙂

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    Thanks Tomasz. You have single-handedly done so much (773 commits and much more I am sure) for Publii along with Bob and other awesome coders.

    Like everyone here, I also wish that Publii was known and used widely and all the selfless efforts of you and your team recognized. like WordPress is. Almost every single feature of WordPress; including seo, og tags, sitemap, amp, rss feeds, file compression, masonry or grid themes, sharing, menus, galleries, tags, authors, etc. etc. have been tirelessly built into the Publii apps to sheer perfection. And all these features resulting in a blazing-fast static html website with no php, mysql, etc. and fully compressed code. No amount of thanks are enough for all this. Maybe you should consider a Freemium model as people don’t value or recommend something so much unless they pay for it, which is very unfortunate I know.

    Back to the dark mode. Thanks again for the upcoming update and tweaks about the dark mode.

    If you could kindly consider letting us change the font, font-size and the color of the post text in WYIWYG editor in the dark mode, we ourselves can choose the optimum settings for our respective monitors as different types of screens need different font colors especially in the dark mode in my experience with different desktop and laptop monitors over the years. Before moving to Publii, I always used a custom admin theme in wordpress to make the classic editor text as per my liking both in both the visual and text tabs so I could directly write on the web.