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Theme and questions

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I discovered Publii a few days ago, and as a learning exercise, I wanted to reproduce a theme I made for another cms.

    It is not quite finished, there are a few things to do on the administration. You can see it here:

    Plublii Theme

    Publii is a really interesting tool and I’m very happy to have discovered it!

    While the doc is easy to read and understand even for a beginner like me, there are a couple of things I failed to reproduce:

    • I would like, when clicking on one of the projects from the index for example, when the popup of the project is open, display a different image or a video.
      The image displayed in the foreground is the featured image, Is it possible to load a second featured image? or a media (I can post the link to the original theme on which we can see this option).
    • The second thing I failed to do is about the Hero image on the index page.
      It’s loaded in the same way as on the Simple theme (used as base of work) but uses CSS background rather than a figure.
      Is it possible to choose different thumbnails sizes the same way as featured images do? I could use it with mediaqueries for small screen

    Thank you a lot, and sorry for my english, thx to Google translate ūüôĀ

    NB: If someone is interested by the theme, I’ll put it on github when it’s finished.

    Avatar photoBob

    Hi Constantin,

    First of all: great work, really. It’s cool to see something new done by someone other than our team.

    In terms of your questions:

    1. Publii generates only one featured image; the post config options also do not offer the image type (, so it’s not easy to import here any other images than featured.
    2. All you can do is provide only one image (in head.hbs), for example:
       body {
         background-image: url({{@website.assetsUrl}}/images/overlay.png), linear-gradient(0deg, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1), rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1)), url({{@config.custom.uploadHero}});
    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Thank you Bob.

    Avatar photoBob

    Hello Constantin,

    Do you have a plan to release your Publii theme?

    Avatar photo[anonymous]
    Hi Bob,
    The theme is finished, but while continuing to work with Publii I realized that I went too fast and that I should have done
    things differently by reading the documentation better ūüėČ
    Avatar photoBob

    That’s fine. It would be great if our community had access to this theme. So if you can please move it to the Github. Maybe in my spare time I will try to help you develop this theme.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    It is ok, I’ll move it to Github in the next days, probably this week-end.

    Thank you for your interest.

    Also, I built it in Onepage version (Not yet with Publii).

    Is it possible to build Onepage sites with Publii (I think so, even if I know Publii is more a blog CMS system) but I’m interested in your opinion about this.


    Avatar photoBob
    [anonymous] wrote:

    Is it possible to build Onepage sites with Publii

    Yeap, it is, especially with the upcoming 37 version that comes with the Supported Features section where you will be able to disable for example generating the tags or authors pages.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I look forward to discover V37!

    I will let you know here when @512 theme is on github.


    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hello Bob,

    Theme is Here

    I’m not quite sure it’s a good idea to be shared publicly, but the readme file is clear.
    Please let me know, do not hesitate to contact me, even by email.