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Theme & CSS changes in editor saved but not synced to remote AWS site

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    As the title states, I am trying to use Publii to manage a very simple website, 1 page. Site is hosted on Amazon AWS S3. Site connects and uploads files. The issues is, SOME changes are not synced, or they’re being overwritten by Publii despite me clicking Save Settings. The frustrating part is, the “Save and Preview” shows the changes made locally in the app, but once synced, the theme changes are lost. It’s becoming infuriating.

    I have done both software testing and software design in the past, and these issues are repeatable. This may be an issue with AWS, and if so, perhaps a bit more tutorial documentation could be written to explain the intricacies of how Publii interacts with S3 Storage, as it seems some files are either not being uploaded or not replaced on sync. I have even tried deleting all the CSS files on AWS then doing a sync, and the uploaded files still lose the theme / CSS changes made in the app. I am happy to do any suggested testing or documentation to help get to the root of this issue, as it’s very frustrating and turns simple site updates into a long, stressful experience.

    Avatar photoaarlof

    I’ve been tinkering around with the theme files, and not even doing that seems to affect anything. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the theme (Simple, current version as of this writing), latest version of Publii (as of 9/4/2023). The behavior is still incredibly confusing. Change a theme setting (something as simple as colors), and the “Save & Preview” renders my changes. Click “Sync”, and it uploads the files, I guess, the Log Viewer “deployment-process.log” shows some files, usually only the index.html file, sample-title.html, and files.publii.json. Nothing about CSS listed. There is no explanation, or indication, that the style changes have been applied, according to the deployment-process.log. Viewing the sync’ed site show no style changes have been carried over. This isn’t a permission issue, I can make posts, change post content, add and remove images, but the theme changes are completely ignored, unless i’m changing the entire theme to a different one, but that’s not the issue.

    Something as simple as Theme > Colors > (set to Dark) Primary color changed to #FF00FF from the default red, and the synced change is ignored. While Publii is really cool and makes managing a static site much easier, this issue is making it incredibly frustrating. For a tool aimed at non-developers as the primary users, I’d hope no one suggests anything like going in and editing the complex CSS and JS files to do something as simple as change a single color. If this errant behavior hasn’t been discovered (I have seen a couple posts suggest this sync issue, but not an exact same situation as I’m describing), I’m bringing it up here, so it can be tested, examined, and either explained (with a solution), or fixed by either the Publii team, or the theme developer themselves.

    Avatar photoTomasz Dziuda


    Publii uploads only modified files only. Maybe there is some issue here. I will rebuild and test AWS S3  deployment process in the nearest days so I will check if there are some issues with this deployment method

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    Avatar photoaarlof

    Thanks Tomasz, If you can, please reply to this thread, or message me directly with your findings. I would like to use Publii for site management, but with this AWS issue it’s a real struggle, creating extra work, and wasting excess time trying to manually fix the deployment issues this behavior creates.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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