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to port an already existing HTML website to Publii

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    Hello, I am new here.
    I want to use Publii for future websites, it is a very interesting tool.
    now my question: is it possible to port an already existing HTML website to Publii?
    If yes, that would be very helpful to find some solutions for it here.

    Then another question: is it planned that Publii will be available also with other languages, e.g. german?

    br, stefan naber

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    Stefan ,  Did you check from the list of plugins available on marketplace ?

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    I know that it’s possible to port a WordPress site, but in terms of an existing site? It’s not impossible, but might be tricky, depending on the number of pages you have…

    I’m currently in the process of porting an existing Wix website to Publii, but it’s going to take a while.

    In terms of other languages: In Publii, click on the three vertical dots at the top-right, and click on “Languages”. Click on “Get more languages”. You’ll be taken to this link:

    It looks like German is “In Development”. You can add to the discussion here:

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    Hello everyone, thank you for the tips and feedback.
    about the html website, for me it’s a singles site, but it’s extensive.
    i am looking for new possibilities. i also work with the, in my opinion, good CMS WBCE>
    here it is already possible to port html pages, instructions are available. but i want to go new ways and publii seems to be suitable for this.
    I will have a look at the tips and then go on.
    thanks again, br stna