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trouble configuring TinyMCE

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    Meta info: I replied in another thread that was about this exact topic, but I did not get a reply. I suspect that I was wrong to thread hijack. I then tried to start a new thread by copying and pasting from my first reply, and that went terribly wrong. So I’m starting a third time, retyping it. Sorry for my earlier mistakes.

    I am having trouble configuring TinyMCE. I’m using an override of the blank theme. In Publii/my-site/input/themes/blank-override I have the following config.json:

      "name": "Blank",
      "version": "",
      "...": "edited for brevity",
      "extensions": {
        "postEditorConfigOverride": true,
        "postEditorCustomScript": true

    and the following tinymce.override.json:

      "toolbar1": "styleselect formatselect searchreplace removeformat undo redo",
      "toolbar2": "image bullist numlist bold italic link unlink media table"

    When I load Publii, the standard toolbars show up:

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    I see the reason – at this moment Publii does not find the tinymce.override.json file in the theme override. It looks only inside the original theme.

    I will try to fix it in the upcoming v.0.37

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