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– Unable to choose the main Norwegian language

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    I cannot find the primary Norwegian language setting in language selection.

    There are at least four languages in Norway:

    – Norsk bokmål

    – Norsk nynorsk

    – Sami

    – Kven

    More info at

    “Norsk bokmål” is the most used language with the HTML code:

    <html lang=nb-NO>

    “Norsk Bokmal”

    “Norsk Nynors” is mostly used in the western part of Norway. Usually not used in the Northern part and, middle part and northern part of Norway

    <html lang=nn-NO>

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    So If I understand you correctly, Publii has support for ‘Norsk nynorsk’ and not for ‘Norsk bokmal’?

    I guess Publli uses some kind of library for the spell checking. If we know which library Publii uses we could check if it has the option for ‘Norsk bokmal’.

    Tomasz: do you know which language library Publii uses?

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    Not support for ‘Norsk bokmal”

    ‘Norsk bokmal”is the most used language in Norway.

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    For such cases there is an option “Custom language code” which allows you to set any language code 🙂

    We do not want to include too much languages as it will lead to a very long list of languages on the list.

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    Oh nice! I hadn’t noticed that option!

    Is there a list of codes you can choose from? Publii uses some kind off online spell check service?

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    The language code does not affect the spellchecker at this moment. In fact e.g. on macOS it detects the language automatically if it is  supported. For the hunspell-based platforms we need to check how to set the language and we need to fix it.

    Regarding the language codes:

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    Publii is using something like this?

    So it basically uses the spell check function of Chrome/Chromium?

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    Electron 8 has built-in spellchecker – the same which is used as in Chromium.

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    Sorry for misunderstanding.

    Correct language indication is not about spelling.

    Properly specifying languages in the HTML code is about SEO – Search Engine Optimization – and SEM – Search Engine Marketing –

    For a good result, it is important to follow the instructions given here:

    Google Search Console


    Webmaster Tools – Bing


    Yandex Webmaster

    and many more.

    When the wrong language is set, the site can get unnecessarily poor ranking in the search engine result.

    “Norwegian Bokmål” and “Norwegian Nynorsk” are two different languages.

    When you specify the wrong language in the HTML code, you counteract the recommendations given in the links above.

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    Thanks for the clarification! Now I understand the reason why you needed the country code!

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    Thank you.