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Update robots.txt: New OpenAI Web Crawler (User-agent: GPTBot)

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hi Publii team!

    I recently learned that OpenAI allows website managers to opt-out of their web crawler, User-agent: GPTBot.

    My feature suggestion would be to allow publii users to customize whether or not they would like their content to be used by Open AI. The specs can be found here:

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Agreed.  I came here this morning after opening Publii to see if I could manually apply the required setting to the robots.txt file.  I can’t see that I can in Site Settings…

    Avatar photoBob


    We will add it in the upcoming Publii release.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]


    I can confirm that in the Publii v.0.43 you will be able to block both ChatGPT-User, GPTBot and CommonCrawl bots (separately)

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Fantastic! Thank you Tomasz and Bob!

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hi team! Looks like there’s a new control called Google Extended to manage Google’s Bard and Vertex AI, via robots.txt.