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Version Control for sites

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    please it is not clearly for me how to add for example GIT

    Im on mac and if i got into default /users/alex/Documents/Publii/sites/

    then into site name i see three folders: input, output and preview

    i guess input is what i need to have in GIT, right?

    but there, i cant find source file for my posts


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    Hello Alex,

    All the files related to the visual part of your website are located in:

    [name website]/input/themes/[name theme]

    And yes, I would put the directory input in git.

    Good luck,


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    this is my folder you pointed me

    What are the file(s) is(are) my source for my post(s), please?

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    Publii uses the index.hbs file to generate the homepage and the post.hbs file to generate the posts.
    If you open one of those files you see that it contains HTML code and Handlebars code.

    More information can be found here:

    And more information about Handlebars can be found here:

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    post.hbs within that folder is dated 20th of March

    so this is not my file i want to version it

    Simple Q: where are my sources, please? 🙁

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    Looks like all posts sources are stored in SQLite DB, damn it

    I thought all is editable and outside. So no way to edit sources with 3rd party editors? @Bob

    Avatar photoBob
    Alex, we really don’t have time to answer that kind of question. You have 3 different editors and still, need an external one to edit the content, so maybe you need another CMS?
    Where did you read/see that Publii supports version control?
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    im just asking if there is a possibility to version control sources in Visual Studio Code. Idea is to use one editor for all your needs and have versions of your post work

    You dont have time to answer customer Q? Good attitude

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    and im talking about Source Code editor, not Markdown and two others

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    There is only one possible right now: copy/paste.

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    workaround is to have versioned sources somewhere and then copy/paste into publii?

    No plans to have sources outside of the SQLite?

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    Hello Alex,

    I’m not sure this is helpful but this how I work:

    • Use Publii for everything that’s related to the content of the websites (text and images).
    • Use an IDE for adjusting the theme (I use GNOME Builder but you are using Visual Studio Code).
    • And use Dropbox to version your files (all my websites are in the directory (‘sites’) in a folder in Dropbox).

    People do not normally use Dropbox to version a software project but it is perfectly possible if you are the only programmer.

    Hope this helps.


    ps. You can use ‘DB browser for sqlite’ if you want to look into the db.sqlite file (but keep the editing of this file to Publii!).

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    Hi community, Hi Publii team,

    Question to Bob or Tomasz,
    I have stumbled upon this article a while ago, mentioning that sqlite engine has been rewritten:

    It also mentions that possibility to work parallelly on the project should be coming thanks to that.
    Is there maybe any good news, timeline regarding this? 🙂 I think it is an important feature for many many people.

    And now question to community:
    Has someone tried a workaround maybe?
    Like some scripts running when committing that would dump database to another format and then do the otherwise when checking out commit?