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Video display in Firefox skips first 10 seconds

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    I am quite shure my problem is not a PUBLII problem but rather a FIREFOX one, but there I can’t find a solution in the help files.

    In my website “” I have embedded several MP4 videos in the submenue
    Filme anschauen-
    Filme von meiner Anlage

    When using browsers like EDGE or CHOME everything works fast and fine.
    When using FIREFOX  (in Windows 10 as well as in LINUX!!) two problems are visible:
    1. It takes quite a long time before the preview images of the videos become visible

    2. The prewiew image shown is at +10 seconds in the video track, not the start sequence. When starting the video, the audio track starts at 0 seconds while the image remains static until after 10 seconds the image starts moving too and runs synchronous with the audio track.

    In the submenue
    Filme-Filme anschauen-Andere Anlagen auf YOUTUBE
    I have linked three videos on YOUTUBE which are displayed without any problem. When loading my own videos to YOUTUBE and linking them in the website it works fine as well.

    It would be great if somebody has an idea what`s wrong…

    Thanks in advance


    Avatar photoPeterF

    Sorry, the link to my website has been damaged during copy. It should read


    Avatar photoPeterF

    It is a bug in firefox which occures when a website is sending the subsequent parts of a large video with pauses between the parts that exceed 500 ms.

    Bug has been reported to Mozilla.

    Topic is closed.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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