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Webdav *or* post-generation script call?

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    Hi.  Loving the product so far!  As a retired IT person, I just wasn’t ready to dive back into the alphabet-soup of TLAs just to put up a simple personal web site, and was ready to give up until I found Publii for Linux.  So far, it’s working great, so thanks for that!

    As I also moved everything to Fastmail recently, I’m now having them host my site.  They have dropped FTP support and now only support Webdav (something I saw mentioned in another post here).  That’s fine; after some digging, I found “rclone” which handles all of the grubby details of syncing a folder on my local system with a folder on Fastmail using Webdav protocol.  I have Publii generate the site into a local folder and then run an rclone command to put it on Fastmail, and that works fine.  Having said that, it would be great if I could have Publii *call* the rclone command after generating the files when I tell it to sync the web site.  Is that a possibility?  So far, I haven’t found that there’s an option for this.

    Thanks again!


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    Currently it is not possible, but we have plans for v.0.46-v.0.47 to add WebDAV support

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    Okay – thanks.  For what I’m doing, it doesn’t even need to have WebDav support; just a hook to call an external script once it generates the pages would be fine.  I appreciate the Publii tool, so I threw a few bucks into the pot shortly after I started using it.


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    Hooks/API is also in our plans but for further releases – maybe v.0.48. It is a bigger task which requires good plan, to avoid breaking changes in the future.