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Website not syncing after downloading Version 0.36.0

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    With the previous version it stopped syncing as well and showed this message:
    Publii: An error occurred during connecting to the server: Max site size exceeded (104857600)v
    With the new version 0.36.0 (0.36.0) it’s still not syncing. But I no longer get a message and the upload page just halts and doesn’t proceed to finish the upload.

    I also had to insert a new token because the server info was empty and it doesn’t save when I quit the Publii application

    Thanks for your help!

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    It is a very strange bug – probably on the Netlify side, we still did not get any explaination as the message is totally non adequate to the real limits (100MB is not the limit for the website size). The only solution in this case is switch to manual upload, generate output files – manually put them on Netlify as a ZIP file and then come back to netlify deployment method – maybe it will help in your case.

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    How do I switch to manual upload and generate output files?

    Would I have to do the original steps to deploy the site?

    When I try to sync I’m now getting a prompt to put in the Publii ID keychain, so I type in the AP ID, but it doesn’t work.  But the testing connection on the server page has a success prompt.

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    Please just select manual deploy as a deploy method under server settings (you have a button “change server type” at top or dropdown with the protocol selection).

    These generated ZIP file can be easily uploaded in the Netlify UI.