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Website sync always copy all files

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    on one of my sites the sync always copy every file (2187 operations). Also if I do not change anything. Any ideas?


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    Of course, that shouldn’t happen with a normal Publii installation: after the first upload, only the changed files should upload.

    If you can provide some more details, that might help.

    Also, check your Publii error log: it may show some clues as to the cause.

    Are you using a different web hosting solution for the site that uploads every file?

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    I’m using Publii 0.42.1. I have 5 or 6 sites in Publii. All sites are hosted on the same server. All sites uploaded by ftp (with tls). The only differents are the theme and the size. The problem site is the biggest one (about 60 posts and 500+ pictures) and using Simple ( theme. All error logs are empty. Upload works fine and finished after some minutes but syncs always the whole site.

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    Clearly, there is something different about the site you’re having problems syncing.

    While the Simple theme is now on version ( ), a glance at the changelog might suggest it seems having the latest version installed may not fix your problem. Even so, makes sense to keep everything up to date if you can.

    Do you have any theme overrides, or is your Simple theme a default Publii Simple theme install?

    Maybe someone else on the forum could help further.

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    BuzzDee – please check if you have for this website file publii-files.json on the server – this file is used for checking if locally you have last sync data. Maybe there is an issue in your case

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    Yes, the file is on the server. It has the same content then the files.publii.json in the output directory.

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    Which deployment method are you using?

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    Hallo zusammen,
    ich habe seit 4 Tagen das gleiche Problem. Publii läd immer alle Dateien hoch. Das sind bei mir etwas über 72000 und dauert mehr als 10 Stunden. Ich habe heute das Programm aktualisiert und hoffe, dass sich damit das Problem löst.
    Die Datei “files.publii.json” ist bei mir vorhanden.
    Das erste Hochladen betrifft wieder über 72.000 Dateien. Werde über Nacht hochladen und es dann morgen noch einmal versuchen.
    Viele Grüße