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Website sync error – Invalid count value

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    I get the following error when synchronizing website using manual as the deployment type. This is my first attempt to synchronize, before I have only been previewing:

    Rendering process failed
    An error occurred during rendering process:

    Invalid count value

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    When i look at the files in the output folder (which are generated) they all contain #PUBLII_RELATIVE_URL_BASE# in the links which don’t resolve of course. For example

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    Are you using the newest version of Publii (v.0.37.3), because we have fixed such issues as I remember.

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    Good shout, I was on 0.37.0, have upgraded and issue is (as you say) fixed. Thank you for quick response, and for the awesome product.

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    So the error message no longer appears, but the reference to #PUBLII_RELATIVE_URL_BASE# in all of the URLs still happens if you use relative URLs (which I think is probably still a problem?).

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    Hi again,

    Which OS are you using? It seems that there is a bug with that and I will fix it in v.0.37.4, but to deliver you faster this feature I can prepare you custom build with a fix 🙂

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    BTW I have found a reason – if AMP is enabled then the URLs are incorrect – after disabling AMP all is ok

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    I am on Windows 10. Yes, I have AMP enabled. Are you saying that this bug is only with the AMP support?

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    Yes, if you disable AMP – the problem will disappear