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what is the best workflow for making a new theme starting from the Blank theme?

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    I’m trying to make my own theme that does the few things I want it to do, so I’m starting from the Blank theme and adding features as I need them.
    What is the best way to workflow this? My thought is:

    Have the Blank theme in Publii. Use theme overrides on the Blank theme to make my changes. Regenerate the site to look at it.
    Keep doing that until I have it all the way I like it.

    I suppose when I have a final version I like, I could then take those override files and make a theme out of them so I could then apply that theme to my other sites. Or would I be better off keeping it as overrides of the Blank theme?

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    So, I’m l̶a̶z̶y̶ efficient, I typically build my custom themes from Publii’s existing themes. The Publii team’s stylesheets and js files are pretty solid, so it’s much easier for me to just modify, add to, remove, or override existing work.

    My work flow is the following:

    1. Gathering inspiration, creating a palette + branding in Penpot
    2. Sketching up wireframes on paper and designing mockups in Penpot
    3. Selecting a free Publii theme that resembles the layout of my design the most (since layout changes are what takes the most time for me)
    4. Using theme overrides to redesign the theme (using VS Codium), leaving many comments to indicate what was changed, and keeping the original theme files intact
    5. When it’s time to upgrade theme files -> I upgrade as I normally do, which will update the theme files but keep the overrides as is. Then, I do a git diff in VS Codium to compare the new theme files with my overridden files, making sure to merge any changes that don’t impact my own changes.

    Since you’re working from the Blank theme, I personally wouldn’t even bother with overrides. I would just create the theme outright.