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What is the way to use Cloudflare and keep the github repository private?

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    When using Cloudflare as hosting, we have to create a repository on Github. To make it work we have to set the repository as public.

    In the installation manuals of Publii it says that after doing the process you can set it as private, but when I do it the web breaks and the template does not load well.
    Is there any way to keep the github repository private?

    Thanks in advance

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    Is there any way to manually upload to cloudflare? I try to upload the output folder and the files do not load. Github often blocks my account for no reason after half an hour of creating it, I would like to skip this step.

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    I have multiple private github repo published with Cloudflare; not just for Publii.

    Give it a try normally it is just a matter of giving proper access to Cloudflare at Github

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    Thanks for your answer, so first you create the private repository on github, connect to cloudflare and that’s it?

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    yes, the repo need to be created before, and ideally, you sync your Publii with it before connecting CloudFlare to it.

    you need to create the repo first to be able to select it on the Cloudflare side.

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    Perfect, I will try it