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Changing a theme / Docs / Purchased theme info

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    Hello — at the moment I am looking over Publii to see if it will work for what I need. I looked at the “Editorial 2” theme (, which is an offshoot of “Editorial” by HTML5 UP ( My main goal is to either use SOME static site generator to continue the development of my organization’s site will I work on fixing the new issues I am having with HUGO.

    I downloaded and looked at Editorial 2, and noticed that the title of the sidebar section “Editor Pick’s” is incorrect for the way that I would like to use it. I found one file where that text was located, but that did not change the look of the theme.  The wording shows up from within the Publii interface, too, so that is why I’m thinking that it is probably a variable that needs to be changed, but wasn’t sure where to look. I would like to change both, maybe to another term such as FEATURED, or similar.

    I did not see any documentation in the ZIP file, and while the files themselves are commented now and again, I would like to ensure that I am not missing anything, since changing some but not all of the related code/values could cause issues.

    If anyone could tell me in what files I could make those changes, and where I can find the best documentation for EDITORIAL 2, I would appreciate it very much.

    I am also thinking of purchasing a theme, and asked the above question to the commercial support at Publli, and was referred here — so, are there docs included with commercial themes?  Is support direct from the theme authors, or Publii?

    Thank you in advance?

    Bill, K3WJC

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    Hi! Not sure if it’s too late, but here is the solution:

    OPTION 1: Edit Sidebar Partial

    In your Publii directory, go to:

    Publii\sites\[site name]\input\themes\editorial-2\partials

    Open the “sidebar.hbs” file in the code editor of your choice and edit the line I highlighted in the picture. Swap it out with whatever you want to have instead of “Editor’s Pick”.

    Save the file, and hit the “Preview your changes” button in Publii.

    OPTION 2: Edit .lang.json

    Alternately, you can go to:


    Open and edit the file “editorial-2.lang.json” in your code editor of choice. Near the top of the file, you’ll see this:

    "sidebar": {
                "menu": "Menu",
                "editorPicks": "Editor Pick's",
                "getInTouch": "Get in touch"

    Change the text in “Editor Pick’s” to whatever you want.

    Commercial Themes

    I purchased the ProDocs theme, and did not receive additional documentation. The devs only provide support for installation via the premium ticketing system, but they won’t help with anything extra that you might want on the site (I was referred to this page in the past: From what I understand, the devs at Publii are the theme authors.