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Where to change (Override) design of link underline in Massively

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    Publii is nice. And I’m happy that there is this forum.

    My question:

    I would like to create an override file for the Massively theme to change the design of link underline. Per default it is a fine dotted line, I would like to have a solid line that has a better visibility. Which is the file that contains the information about the design of the link underline?

    Thanks a lot.


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    Custom CSS should be enough for this. You can add it in the Tools & Plugins section. Something like:

    a {border-bottom: solid 1px}
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    Thank you for your help, privii.

    Could you maybe tell me a little bit more about how I have to do it? Where I have to insert this CSS-element?

    Never mind, if it’s too complicated to explain.

    I just thought I’d ask, maybe it is quite easy, if one knows how to do it.

    Best regards,


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    Dear privii,

    I was lucky and with trying around I could do it!

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Have a nice day.


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    For reference, for anyone reading the thread and looking for how to edit the CSS:

    You have two options:

    #1: The easiest way is to go to Tools & Plugins > Custom CSS.

    #2: The more complex method: Create a theme override, copy the main.css file in assets > css and paste it in your theme override (make sure to also copy the folder structure). Add your CSS overrides and changes here, and make sure to add /* comments */ to keep track of your changes once it comes time to upgrade.

    The advantage with method #2 is that you can benefit from the advantages of a code editor when making CSS changes, vs editing your CSS inside of Publii. If you’re making extensive changes and are knowledgeable in CSS, I recommend this method. The downside, though, is that anytime you have to upgrade your theme, you have to do a git diff of your modified CSS file with the latest one to make sure you have all the stylesheet updates you need.

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    Dear candidexmedia,

    That’s very kind of you to explain the process so detailed for everyone. Thank you very much for this! It is a great help.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!